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finding and sharing smutty 1D slash!fics Are you looking..." /><"" />
welcome to a blog with the sole purpose of finding and
sharing smutty 1D slash!fics
Are you looking for larry stylinson fics? They have their own blog here!
this blog is run by Kaylee, Jayna, & Meggie
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can you rec some with slighty underage niall? like not extremely young but like 14-15.

Here Comes My Man - freakforhoran (Niall/Zayn)

The older boy’s eyelids fluttered closed and his lashes rested prettily along his cheekbone and Niall had less than a second to react as he realized what was going to happen. In the end, he turned his head slightly, so the darker boy’s lips landed on Niall’s cheek, just barely missing his lips. Niall drew in a shuddering breath as the other boy straightened back up and flashed him a cocky grin.

“See ya around, Niall.” (top!zayn, bottom!niall, age difference)

Sex ed - 1dfanficrealness (Niall/Zayn)

Niall is 13 years old and Zayn is his 25 year old teacher.  Niall was learning sex ed at school and after class he went to Zayn to find out more about it. (underage!niall, teacher!zayn)

At The Same Time - shipfiction (zianourry)

Niall is 15 and the rest of th e boys are 24-29, and they are also Niall’s teachers. Niall takes two cocks at the same time, and comes three times, completely untouched. (bottom!niall, underage!niall, age difference, dirty!talk, blowjob, double penetration)

The Prettiest Little Thing - nudecastle (Harry/Niall)

Niall switches to a new ((hot)) doctor and he’s about to get his yearly physical. (top!harry, bottom!niall, underage, fingering, dub!con)

Little One - ziallfiles (Niall/Zayn)

Niall was thirteen.

Thirteen, when he had the fight with his mom

He was thirteen, when he left the house angrily

Thirteen, when a car pulled up in front of him

Niall was thirteen, when he got into that car

And he was thirteen, when the man in that car took Niall to his own home (non!con, 24k, top!zayn, bottom!niall, underage!niall, kidnapped)

Innocence Lost - 1dfanficrealness (zianourry)

Niall is 12 years old, but his mother insists he still needs a babysitter so she asks the boy from down the street, Liam, to watch him. When Liam invites thr ee friends over whom he knows from Uni, they all get… well acquainted.

- Kaylee

Any royal!au's??? Thanks in advance!!

Through Some Imagined Afternoon - zzegnas (Harry/Niall)

Niall is the prince to a kingdom, preferring to live as un-princely as possible until a written agreement is to be honored, and will bind him to a life he does not know how to live. (19k, prince!niall)

my crown is in my heart - carissima (Harry/Liam)

After several attempts on the royal family’s lives, a knight’s tournament is held to find Prince Harry’s future husband to rule beside him when he becomes king. Harry doesn’t think he needs a husband at all, let alone one chosen by his sword or jousting skills.

Sir Liam might be his exception though. (30k, frottage, medieval!au)

if you keep holding me this way - trishapocalypse (Harry/Zayn)

A modern day Royal!AU where Harry is Socialite Royalty, Liam is his bodyguard, Zayn is kind of an assassin, and Niall and Louis are his sidekicks. (43K, top!zayn, bottom!harry, age!difference)

My Kingdome For Your Graces - vastlyunknown (Liam/Zayn)

Liam is a king on the brink of war. Zayn is a knight determined to keep his king safe. (17k, top!liam, bottom!zayn, royalty!au)

Rewritten truce - top_linson (Liam/Zayn)

an arranged marriage au where liam is like the warrior crowned prince of some nation and zayn is promised to him by his father as like peace treaty collateral. And Zayn has to move to Liam’s country, which is like the complete opposite of his kingdom. And he doesnt fit in and Liam at first is very cold with him because he’s more interested in protecting his realm from threats and zayn is sad and lonely but eventually they fall for one another. (mentions of mpreg)

- Kaylee

hey, a lot of your links aren't working :(

Yup, I know. I’ve given several reasons why they aren’t working here and here and here and here. - Kaylee

Hey, can you rec me some dark fics like one of them held one or two of them captive, or some thing like that.. any pairing with zayn n liam in that.. i hope it makes sense😅😅

there are probably more but just off the top of my head, i know this fic. -meggie

Golden Cage - itcrystal (Harry/Liam, Liam/Zayn, Louis/Zayn)

Liam is a spoiled millionaire, who wants nothing but wreck his new toy - Harry.

Harry is a boy with small dirty flat and bad job. But he is ridiculously hot and Liam sees in him a perfect little slave for his pleasure. If Harry wants it or not. (23k, top!liam, top!louis, bottom!zayn, bottom!harry, rape/noncon, master/slave, rough sex, rimming, spanking, face-fucking, punishment)

Hello lovely bunnies, could someone help me find the fic where Louis is a male Victoria secret model and Liam is a r&b singer performing on the runway. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Please tell me I'm not crazy lol!

All I See Are Wings - Phillipa19 (Liam/Louis)

Liam is an up and coming R&B singer, his songs charting for weeks and his name becoming well splashed across every trashy tabloid. When he gets the opportunity to perform at the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show he jumps at the chance and ends up a little too interested in one of the male models, but who can blame him when he’s never before been faced with a man so very pretty and strutting around in wings and tempting lace?

Louis is one of the first three male models to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel, something tha t he’d never thought he’d achieve. He’s set to walk the runway of their 2016 show and he’s halfway down the runway when he comes face to face with the one and only Liam Payne. To say it was instant attraction would be putting it mildly. (top!liam, bottom!louis, louis in panties, anal fingering, anal sex, light dom/sub, teasing, spanking)


The link to the Zianourry smut 'The Competition' isn't working and i desperately want to read it! xx

unfortunately, i don’t think it’s our link that’s not working. i did a little investigating and it seems that every single link to a fic written by felicitygoodall1d leads to an “url not found” message. 

if anybody knows a working link to that fic and wants to share it, that would be lovely!



Do you have a link for the NARRY fic in which Niall is Harry's assistant and they have sex here and there. But then harry ends it and Niall quits. And they end up together.

i think you’re looking for this! -meggie

What's the one where Harry's like a CEO of some military base thing and Harry's like his assistant and they hookup a lot and Harry calls him like "baby boy" or something and then Niall starts falling in love with him but then Harry stops calling him baby boy and just uses Niall for sex?

that definitely sounds like this! -meggie

You Said You’ve Been To The Sky, We’ll Go Beyond That - Thestorans (Harry/Niall)

Niall was nothing but an assistant. Unless it was for sex, then, well, he was Harry’s baby boy. (18k, top!harry, bottom!niall, dom!harry, sub!niall, rimming, fingering, teasing, orgasm delay/denial) 

Do you have some fics where any of them are a recovering addict or is an addict?? Thnxs & Love you guys !!❤

Help keep me alive - Lirryplease (Harry/Liam)

Harry was a drug addict until he met Liam. They got married. Harry wanted kids, all he got was a plant.

Twisted - Colordrained (Liam/Niall)

Niall has a serio us problem, and Liam is the person who takes and turns it around. Who knew it would ever turn Into something else.

Or the one where Niall is a sex addict an Liam helps him recover, and then they just might fall in love oh. (37k, top!niall, bottom!liam, switching)

Make You Wanna Touch It, Make You Wanna Taste It - Stylinsonvodka (Liam/Zayn)

Zayn has a tattoo of a rose on his ass and Liam spends more money a month on platinum watches than he does on food. They meet during Sex Addicts Anonymous. (public!sex, sex addiction)

- Kaylee

Do you have any fics with shawn mendes with any of the guys? Preferably Harry and Shawn

No Mercy - Arvernii, Giraffelover_12 (Niall/Shawn)

Niall, and Shawn find themselves hanging out with some mutual friends, after filming the cover things get a little heated. (top!shawn, bottom!niall, daddy kink, pain kink, size kink, praise kink, slut shaming, breathplay)

No Promises - Niall_St yles (Niall/Shawn, Harry/Niall)

People do different things that will fill the void that was caused people who have left them . What will happen if that same person comes back? (14k, top!shawn, top!harry, bottom!niall, daddy kink, infidelity)

- Kaylee

HI! there was a fic called "how it feels to go commando" with liam and louis (and i think zayn?) but i cant find the link and i was wondering if you had it

We don’t, sorry! Does anyone know this fic? - Kaylee

Hey! Do you know of any Queer as folk au stories or inspired stories? I've recently fallen in love with that show and that got me thinking :D

Happy Free Confused (miserable and magical) - ZapZialler (Harry/Niall)

Niall is a twenty-five-year-old top of the market advert executive. Harry is trying to survive his GCSE’s. Zayn and Liam fuck sometimes and Louis and Nick are like ticking time bombs. In the midst of them, Josh seems like the only one with a firm grip on reality and morals. (blowjob)

- Kaylee

Hello, do you have any where one of them doesn't know English or is uneducated/homeless? Any pair would be fine . Thank you

Take my hand and I’ll be your shelter - brainstorm (Liam/Niall)

Niall made a stupid mistake some years ago that put him on the streets but then this stranger with kind brown eyes appeared and suddenly his life turned around.

Or the one when Niall is homeless and Liam saves him from that horrible life and they fall in love. (119k, top!niall, bottom!liam, fingering, rimming)

Amidst All The Weather - Livy_May (Niall/Zayn)

Niall doesn’t tell Louis, for obvious reasons. He doesn’t tell Harry, either, because if Harry knows something, it’s only a matter of time before Louis knows it, too. And he doesn’t tell Liam because Liam is honestly the worst liar he’s ever met.

He’s not trying to keep it a secret. It just sort of… happens. (10K, coffeeshop!au, homeless!au)

Only place I call h ome - scottmcniceass (Liam/Zayn)

Liam works at a coffee shop; Zayn is a homeless street performer who plays just outside the shop. Sometimes Liam brings Zayn coffee and donuts and in exchange Zayn sings for him. (17k, homeless!zayn)

- Kaylee

Any Narry mpreg suggestions where Harry's the one pregnant?

Miles and Miles between us - LoveFromLiloandNarry (Harry/Niall)

Niall has been single for too long , his friend Jade decides a little online dating will help. Jades plan turns into something more when Niall meets Harry, a 18 year old college student and they fall in love.
Maybe make a little surprise a long the way , how will the cope when they’re miles apart. (mpreg, pregnant!harry, online relationship)

- Kaylee

Hi, any new abo/omegaverse???

the world has its shine - leighbot (Harry/Zayn)

The random days in the life of Zayn, Harry and their children. (58k, top!harry, bottom!zayn, alpha!harry, omega!zayn, bonding, heat, mpreg)

Burning through the night - anonymous (Harry/Zayn)

He can s ee Harry where he’s stood in the bathroom, working his way through his nightly moisturizing routine. It’s adorable, Zayn always tells him, and he smiles to himself while he watches Harry squirt lotion into his hand. Harry pulls back from the mirror to look into the room.

“What’s up?” Harry asks.

“Your rut’s coming soon, isn’t it?”

Harry frowns and furrows his brow, clearly giving it a thought. “Yeah, shit.”

“It’s the night of the party, isn’t it?”

Or, the one where Zayn helps Harry contain his rut. At the company Christmas party. (top!harry, bottom!zayn, alpha!harry, omega!zayn, nipple clamps, rutting, daddy kink)

A Pirate’s Love for me - rorz94 (Liam/Zayn)

In the early 19th century, The two most prestigious packs of London, the Paynes and Maliks hate each other guts. So The Alpha king, who was mostly a peaceful man decided to have an end to this feud by tying an Alpha with an omega of the other pack. Once this agreement achieved the couple would get a tempting prize, but would the two families allow the chosen couple to have some peace? (104k, top!liam, bottom!zayn, alpha!liam, omega!zayn, bonding, pirate!au)

I Feel It Coming - MissLii (Harry/Liam/Zayn)

“Harry,” a voice says, and Liam’s eyes widens when a very attractive lad wraps an arm around Harry’s shoulders. His attention is on Liam, though, looking him up and down slowly. “Who is your friend? You should introduce us.”

Harry, as Liam now knows the curly-haired boy is called, smiles warmly, familiar with the distractingly pretty boy next to him. They both look a little older than him, but not more than a year or two maybe. They’re both tattooed and look like something out of Liam’s wildest fantasies.

It was nice but still horrible, because of the nerves, to have one person like that close.

Now Liam feels twice as confused. And it’s not any easier to figure out how to talk without making a fool out of himself.

Or: Liam is an omega, and at his first ever Uni party, he meets Harry and Zayn. ( top!harry, top!zayn, bottom!liam, alpha!harry, alpha!zayn, omega!liam, knotting)

the world has its shine - leighbot (Harry/Zayn)

Harry almost hadn’t come out tonight. He’s jetlagged from a brief work trip to Japan and he’d been looking forward to some sleep but then Niall had warned him he’d lose his status as an honorary member of the LIC so here he is.

There’s a guy Harry notices right away, a pretty omega boy with dark hair sitting alone at a booth. Something about him pulls Harry’s attention, something besides his striking looks, and Harry downs a shot with the entire LIC before working up the nerve to approach. (70k, top!harry, bottom!zayn, alpha!harry, omega!zayn, knotting, bonding, kid!fic)

- Kaylee